Expekt Affiliates Program Review

12 Years
On Request
Rev Share:
25% of Net Rev.
Timely Pay

Expekt Affiliate Program reviews 3 different lifetime commission structures. CPA plan, revenue sharing up to 35% for active customers and a cross commission structure.

As affiliates we can access a media gallery that contains banners, promotional materials, text links and articles. Nothing new with that compared to quality programs, but, these are updated regularly. Now that’s an added value in my book! You can update and try different materials on your site or through your newsletters and see which ones work best for you. Plus these can blend in with virtually any theme you come up for your site or newsletter.

But that’s just a basic overview of Expekt affiliate program. There might be some things you have yet to learn about them that aren’t just posted in any site.

Founded in 1999 in London, Expekt ltd launched its very first website in English and Swedish. The business was based in London until the late 2000 after which it was subsequently moved to Malta where the current head office is. Expekt is solely an internet betting company which means that the organization strives to offer its customers the very best in betting via the internet. As affiliates this is quintessential, since sportsbooks normally focus on providing more attention to the offline section of their business (neglecting the online one sometimes); so, having a gambling brand that focuses 100% in online bets makes us expect better results from their side (retention and maximizing earnings) after we refer the players.

Expekt Affiliate Program is one of the largest betting alternatives in the world and their extensive international market presence along with large bookmaking department situated on the website allows them to offer sporting events on national levels to a global customer base. This ranges from major leagues in the world, all the way to the lower divisions of football across the globe. You have more that 2000 odds per week, so there is no way that any player you refer will get bored due to limited possibilities while betting with Expekt.

If this review was helpful and you feel the itch to try them out, please sign under me as thanks: http://expektaffiliates.com.


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